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As a Tampa Bay Area fire sprinkler specialist, Frontline Fire Protection Inc takes pride in being a customer-friendly and responsive fire sprinkler company that builds long-term relationships with our clients.  We understand the critical role that fire sprinkler systems play in the life safety of your building, and by working closely with General Contractors, Architects, Developers and Owners, we strive to provide the best fire sprinkler systems and service available in our industry.


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contact_us Frontline Fire Protection Inc is a fire sprinkler company in the Tampa Bay area that can handle all aspects of your fire sprinkler needs from the design and planning stage, through the fabrication and installation process and finally to the inspection and maintenance of your system.  In addition, because of our many years of quality, professional experience we can quickly and accurately assess your needs or diagnose problems.  This makes it possible for us to provide you with a realistic, fair and free estimate before any work is begun.


Fire Sprinkler Fact

Industry statistics indicate that installing a smoke alarm in your home cuts your chance of perishing in a fire by 50%. Installing a residential fire sprinkler system increases your survival rate to 97%.

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